Dr. Zareena Kheshgi

Zareena Kheshgi

Zareena Kheshgi, PhD, LCSW

Lakeview Chicago IL Licensed Social Worker

I have a breadth and depth of clinical experience primarily doing psychotherapy in private practice and in family counseling centers. My clients come to work on issues such as depression, anxiety and panic disorder, identity, low self-esteem, dating and relationship issues, trauma, and aging and health issues. All are welcome, whether it be due to recent personal struggles or deep-rooted issues.

I have a relational approach and an empathic, warm, non-judgemental style of working. I will work with you at your own pace to gain personal insights, effective coping skills, and recapture your sense of hope and wellness. I consider it an honor to do this kind of work.

I am versed in individual, couple and family therapy. I have worked with clientele ranging from psychotic to psychologically high functioning and of all ages. Additionally, I have done alcoholism and substance abuse counseling. I am specialized in couple’s issues and have published in this area. I also published on more difficult mental health issues during my tenure as a graduate school professor.

Zareena likes to create an empathic environment for growth and change. To schedule an appointment with Zareena Kheshgi, call (888) 870-1775.

I have an LCSW license plus three degrees in social work. My BSW is from the University of Illinois in Champaign, my MSW is from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and my PhD is from Loyola University of Chicago’s clinical social work program.

You can make an appointment to see her at the Lakeview, Illinois office.

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