Karen McMillan

Karen McMillan counselor Bradley

Karen McMillan, LPC

Bradley IL, Licensed Professional Counselor

You see the future when you look into your child’s eyes. But what happens when the hopes & dreams you have for them seem impossible right now because of challenging behaviors? What if the magnitude of your child’s diagnosis or past traumatic experiences have left you feeling frustrated and alone? Is there hope? Absolutely! I will help your child begin to see their amazing worth, giving them the confidence and skills to tackle the hard things they face. For all their struggles, your child also has some powerful skills and resources that together we can discover and shape into tools that will equip them for a brighter tomorrow.

I bring to my counseling practice two decades of working with young children and their families in the school setting. I have been trained in Theraplay® and have experience working with children in adoptive and foster families, addressing their unique issues with a trauma-informed approach. I enjoy working both with individuals and with families.

Let’s begin a journey together of moving from chaos to peace.

Karen McMillan provides individual counseling and family counseling. To schedule appointment with her call (888) 870-1775.

She is available for appointments at the Bradley Illinois office.

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