Corry Eisenberg

Corry Eisenberg

Corry Eisenberg, MEd, LCPC

Lakeview Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Corry’s clients often describe her as easy to talk to, funny and real. While she may be a bit unconventional, she is an extremely effective therapist, who has helped individuals and couples from many different backgrounds live their lives in accordance with their values, savor the present and in general be more badass versions of themselves.

Corry utilizes an eclectic approach to therapy, depending on her client’s needs in the moment. She often draws from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, expressive interventions and other interpersonal and existential theories.

Corry is especially gifted in working with LGBTQIA and young professional populations who seek help managing trauma, anxiety, depression and life transitions. If you have tried therapy before, and didn’t feel heard, felt judged or like “they didn’t care”- then Corry is likely to change your mind about what the therapeutic relationship and process can look and feel like. Corry is highly empathetic, and is “no spring chicken”, she is comfortable and able to help clients manage and accept many thoughts, emotions and experiences they have not shared with anyone and have often avoided themselves.

Corry would like you to know she is not a basic therapist or person – she loves her job, is her authentic self in session and utilizes a relatively uncensored version of the English Language (if four letter words bother you, please seek help from another Ardent Therapist.)

In her free time Corry enjoys petting every dog or animal she sees, watching horror movies, listening to podcasts, making jewelry, painting and being a spontaneous, stylish, weirdo with no regrets. If you are ready for more joy, self love and freedom – schedule an intake with Corry! You deserve to live your life freely!

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