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We were coming from a religious (and somewhat legalistic) counseling experience previously, so this was completely refreshing and different.
-- Lawrence & Maggie in Iowa  
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Dr. Scott Terry

Dr. Scott Terry

Marriage and Family Therapist

Director, Founder, & Clinical Supervisor

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Educator & Business Consultant


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Religious & Spiritual Counseling in Chicago, Illinois & Iowa

Individuals seek spiritual counseling for many reasons. You may have questions about how to integrate your faith, feelings and experience, or may simply want your beliefs integrated into your therapy.

We have worked with persons of many religions and faiths and many who identify as “spiritual” but do not identify with a specific religion or wish to have a specific religion integrated into therapy. Ardent therapists will not only respect your spiritual values but also utilize those values in helping you create the change you desire.

Religious and spiritual truths combined with professional therapy - Call (888) 870-1775(888) 870-1775

Ardent spiritual counselors have both theological and clinical training, knowledge, and experience and are all licensed in their clinical field. They utilize spiritual truths combined with a progressive, non-judgmental theological and sociological world-view. Emotional, behavioral, and relational problems are addressed from a spiritual perspective, with sound psychological practice, in an atmosphere of acceptance, love and wholeness.

Contact us to learn more about religious and/or spiritual counseling, and how your life can transform today.

We look forward to working with you.


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