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Dr. Barry Cohn

Dr. Barry Cohn


  • Troubled Teens
  • Eating Disorders (over 20,000 clinical hours)
  • Trauma and Abuse
  • Addictions (Substance Abuse, Sex, Gambling)
  • Health Psychology
  • Geriatric Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology


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Our therapist shows us how to be proactive with our lives and focus on our future plans to live a good live. No victim thinking tolerated. This is good.
-- Shelly & Brad in IL  

Online Therapy & Phone Therapy In The Midwest (Illinois & Iowa)

Phone or Internet counseling, also known as remote therapy or telehealth, allows you to find the best therapist to meet your needs, even if he or she is not located close to where you live. Remote therapy can be useful in so many ways, from simply being too busy to see a therapist, to needing a more immediate or convenient daily support. Online counseling also allows for families to receive therapy as a group, even if some members of the family are not living in the same area. Even if you do choose to meet face to face with your counselor, there could be times when it suits you to work with your therapist remotely. For example, if you have to travel for work or you are unable to easily move about.

Modern communication technology at your Counseling service! Call (888) 870-1775(888) 870-1775

At Ardent Counseling Center, we have found remote therapy very useful. Technology allows us to communicate easily using services such as Skype. These services are not only free to use, but also ensure our conversations are secure and private. We can also talk over the phone if that is more convenient for you. Either way, remote therapy provides you with a unique opportunity to get the support you are looking for.

Contact us to talk about how remote therapy, perhaps in combination with traditional therapy, can help you create meaningful change.

We look forward to working with you!


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