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Marriage Retreats Near Me / Intensives For Couples / Bootcamps
In Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska & Indiana

The Ardent Counseling Center now offers both affordable marriage retreats and individual and group couples retreats with optional couples counseling. Bootcamp Ardent style! All couple configurations are welcome, regardless of what phase of relationship you are in - from new couples with a good relationship they want to further strengthen, to couples on the verge of ending a relationship, or even separated couples who still need to work together to resolve issues. We offer both in-person and virtual retreats that are customizable, flexible, and individually designed to serve you and your partner.

Schedule a Retreat / Intensive / Couples Bootcamps for faster progress! Please arrange for this using the special contact form below.

In personal retreats, you and your partner will work with a therapist one on one, without the distractions of anyone, or anything else in a setting exclusively tailored to the unique needs of your relationship.

This retreat will help you, whether you are:

  • discussing divorce
  • hoping to save your marriage
  • just have some issues in your relationship
  • having commitment issues
  • needing premarital counseling.

The intensive work will help any couple whether you are a different-sex or same-sex couple. Even if the bitterness and resentment has set it, it isn't too late. We can help you start again with new rules and a fresh approach to communication, trust and intimacy that you define together. We can help you develop skills like really listening, empathy and compassion. We help you to frankly discuss your concerns and things that have taken place such as infidelities which may have been hard to talk about calmly. The aim is to help you both grow as individuals and to find ways to continue that growth together as a couple.

Intensive but affordable marriage retreats and couples retreats

In just one weekend, you will walk away with a huge shift in your understanding of yourself, each other, and how you can make your relationship more powerful and meaningful for both of you now and in the future. Sometimes we have two therapists involved so that we can meet with each person individually at the same time.

Along with couples retreats, Ardent is now offering comprehensive family retreats. Our family retreats will be geared towards the family unit as a whole, with a focus on working together. These retreats are meant to be tailor made to your specific circumstance.

Contact us to learn more about how a retreat can support you and your partner in taking your relationship to the next level today. Please use the special contact form below.

We look forward to working with you!

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Couples retreats are not covered by insurance. Ardent charges $250 per hour for intensive work with two counselors. You arrange for your own accommodation and this is an additional expense. Most retreat intensives are held virtually or in Fairfield Iowa with Dr. Scott Terry. But if you would prefer it to be held in Illinois, this may be able to be arranged, but it will generally be with other therapists. However, Dr. Scott Terry can attend via video if desired. Please note all information submitted via this contact form is kept confidential. However, please note that this is not a secure email transmission. In accordance with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act), "Personal Health Information" may not be included in this transmission. Thank you for your cooperation. * Required field

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