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Helped my wife and I through the journey to partnership. Without our therapist we would have ended up somewhere short of there.
-- Phil in Chicago  
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Dr. Scott Terry

Dr. Scott Terry

Marriage and Family Therapist

Director, Founder, & Clinical Supervisor

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Educator & Business Consultant


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Life Style Assessment

A Life Style is much more than how it is know colloquially. Life Style is a person’s unique way of moving through life. In fact, it is the only way someone knows of moving through life as they learned their style early on, and continue to cling to that same style. It is who you are. It is how you perceive yourself, others, your relationships, your community, the world, your significant other, and your work. It is your perception of how things are, your ideas of how things should be, and your method of moving from how things are to how they should be.

A Life Style Assessment is an Adlerian subjective assessment that gathers information about a your family constellation, social development, parental information, early recollections, and other traits which contribute to one’s Life Style. A therapist will use this information to provide you with a summary, interfering attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors and assets and strengths you posses and can use to move forward despite those things that interfere.

The assessment first provides insight. With this insight you gain knowledge about assumptions you have and your habits. If you wish, you can continue work to challenge these assumptions and replace them with new healthier behaviors.

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The assessment itself can take a little as couple hours, done in one extended or two traditional length sessions. The therapist will need some time to review the assessment and draft a summary for you to keep. You will then meet with the therapist for a session to discuss this summary. If you would like, you may continue work to further address or build on what you learn about yourself.

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