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Without the help of the Ardent Center and Dr. Scott Terry, I don't know where we would be!
-- Chris in Illinois  
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Dr. Nutashia Baynes



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Forensic Psychological Testing in Chicago, Illinois & Iowa

Forensic Psychological Testing is a specialized form of testing that can be employed as an aid in situations involving legal matters such as determining:

  • Capacity, Competency or Ability to be Independent (in Planning Personal Affairs such as Estate Planning)
  • Capacity to Maintain Self Control in Matters Relating to Legal Offenses such as Domestic Violence, Sexual Offenses, or Problematic Compulsions
  • A Person's Ability to Participate In and Benefit From Counseling
  • Conforming to Stipulations/Requirements of Probation or Court
  • Risk Assessment for Violence or Sexual Acting Out
  • Visitation or Child Custody
  • Career or Job Suitability for Employment in Sensitive Work Positions Such as in Public Safety or First Responders

Problems with probation, lawsuit, or other court action? We can help, call (888) 870-1775(888) 870-1775

Forensic Psychological Testing can also be used to:

  • Satisfy the Requirements of Probation or Court
  • Assist an Attorney in a Defense

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