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Mental Health Provider Locations

Ardent Center Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and Nebraska Mental Health Provider Locations


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Bonaparte | Centerville | Fairfield | Grinnell | Williamsburg


Note: If you wish to make an appointment at the Grinnell or Williamsburg Iowa offices, please complete the contact form via Ardent’s MidWest Counseling website. Or call 6412361644 for the Grinnell office or 3196681217 for the Williamsburg office.


Illinois psychiatric nurse practitioners:

Joanna Cunningham Hoffman Estates psychiatric provider
Joanna Cunningham
Irina Salabai
Irina Salabai

Illinois psychologists:

Dr. Terry Lynn McCormick
Dr. Terry Lynn McCormick
Dr. Becky Kalvelage-Roth
Dr. Becky Kalvelage-Roth
Dr Joan Wise Bradley IL Psychologist
Dr. Joan Wise

Illinois marriage & family therapists:

Dr Scott Terry Fairfield Iowa counselor
Dr. Scott Terry

Illinois counselors and psychotherapists:

Some of our therapists are also trained as Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselors (CADC), art therapists, and pastoral counselors.

Carl Boyens Bradley counselor
Carl Boyens
Philip Kirk Bradley counselor
Philip Kirk
Bonnie Fights
Dr. Nutashia Baynes
Tanya Katsaros counselor
Tanya Katsaros
Jaimee McMullen counselor
Jaimee McMullen
Aparna Mehra
Ben Stover
Ben Stover
Agnes Svinkunas
Agnes Svinkunas
Liliana Hernandez Spanish speaking counselor
Liliana Carrillo (nee Hernandez)
Kristina Sciame
Kristina Galuszka (nee Sciame)
Gary Reeves Lakeview counselor IL
Gary Reeves
Zareena Kheshgi
Dr. Zareena Kheshgi
Christine Murphy counselor
Christine Murphy
Tajwar Raziuddin counselor
Tajwar Raziuddin
Danielle Kimble counselor
Danielle Kimble
Karen McMillan counselor Bradley
Karen McMillan
Natalie Kilpatrick Lakeview counselor
Natalie Kilpatrick
Chelsea Ohler Bradley IL counselor
Chelsea Ohler
Michael Altobelli Hoffman Estates counselor
Michael Altobelli
Tayler Smith Lakeview counselor
Tayler Smith
Khoa Ngo Hoffman Estates counselor
Khoa Ngo

Illinois social workers

Beth Rieger Bradley social worker
Beth Rieger
Ramona Hall Bradley social worker
Ramona Hall
Noel Widholm Hoffman Estates social worker
Noel Widholm
Ruth Mellenthin social worker
Ruth Mellenthin
Kathryn Hampton Bradley counselor
Kathryn Hampton
Katie Pruitt Bradley social worker
Katie Pruitt
Meaghan Meehan Hoffman Estates social worker
Meaghan Meehan
Linda Hoag Hoffman Estates social worker
Linda Hoag
Debra Tamez Bradley IL social worker
Debra Tamez


Indiana Therapists

Tanya Katsaros counselor
Tanya Katsaros


Iowa psychiatric providers:

Shyrl Hoag psychiatric prescriber
Shyrl Hoag, MSN, PMHNP-BC

Iowa marriage & family therapists:

Dr Scott Terry Fairfield Iowa counselor
Dr. Scott Terry
Katie Boland counselor williamsburg
Katie Boland
McKenzie Carpenter Iowa therapist and marriage counselor
McKenzie Carpenter
Dean Dirksen Iowa therapist
Dean Dirksen

Iowa mental health counselors:

Amber Dressler counselor
Amber Dressler
Angela Andeway Fairfield Iowa therapist
Angela Andeway
Annalee Moody counselor
Annalee Moody
Nate Moline Grinnell counselor
Nate Moline
Jenny Armstrong Iowa telehealth counselor
Jenny Armstrong
Julie De Vries Centerville Iowa counselor
Julie De Vries
Lucy Reese Fairfield Iowa counselor
Lucy Reese

Iowa social workers:

Craig Groehn Fairfield counselor
Craig Groehn
Chisato Conway Williamsburg Iowa social worker
Chisato Conway


Nebraska Counselors

Dr. Nutashia Baynes
Dr Scott Terry Fairfield Iowa counselor
Dr. Scott Terry

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