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By Stephanie Chambers / October 23, 2019

What is our addiction to our smartphones doing to us?

By Stephanie Chambers How addicted are we? According to the American Psychological Association (APA) 2017 survey, 43% of Americans are constantly checking their smart phones and almost 20% of them...

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mentally overloaded
By Stephanie Chambers / August 26, 2019

Planning how to cope next time you are mentally overloaded

by Corine Brooks Overload in life - it happens to most of us.  Living the full and busy lives we live today can oftentimes be mentally overloading. We can experience...

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stories we tell ourselves
By Stephanie Chambers / June 14, 2019

Mastering the stories we tell ourselves

By: Megan Earp In life, we tend to create stories about "who we are". These “stories” are not necessarily true, but they are the ones we have constructed and sadly,...

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Fit woman - exercise can help treat depression
By / May 30, 2019

Exercise can help treat depression. What can mindfulness during exercise add to this?

By: Megan Earp Getting outside and moving is imperative to your mental health. Research has proven that aerobic exercise is just as effective as antidepressants in treating mild to moderate...

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