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Our experience with the Ardent Center has been LIFE CHANGING!
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define Ardent
Adjective: Enthusiastic or passionate.

We have named our center "ardent" because this means:

  • insightful – we look at the whole person, not just symptoms
  • spirit – we show you that you are more than a body, we are all connected to the world around us
  • passion – the drive for discovery of who we are and who we can become
  • enthusiasm – the energy to be fully alive
  • power – to create our dreams.


Our Philosophy

It is your time, now! Create meaningful change for you and in your life today.
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Frank Adamo

Frank Adamo

"In the therapeutic setting I create a safe, comfortable and a judgment-free environment for all clients. I believe that the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is one of the most essential facets in the progress of therapy, so strive to create a setting that is most beneficial to my client's progress."


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